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 Achieve Your Most Important Professional Goals And Succeed In Your Field This Year 2019. You can acquire the professional skills and qualifications to achieve your dream job, fast-track your profession, and triple your income quickly.

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Triple Your Income Quickly

There has never been a time where career opportunities for professionals in the “construction industry” to explore better options with international companies.

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Career Opportunity

More than twenty years ago, design, and technical skills were the sought after jobs for engineers and architects; does this hold true today?

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Skill For Project Managers

You will learn the process of problem resolution, analysis, test, solution , and implementation to eliminate any problem occurring in your projects completely.

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Advance Construction Project Management

Get our step by step seven (7) weeks online  training where you will gain "practical in-demand skills" in Construction Management,Project Quality, and Project Management, a three (3)- key knowledge areas in 1-training. And don't missed the huge special bonus courses to enhance your skill as a project manager, engineer, architect, and any engineering graduates. For details email us at [email protected].

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"I came across about your post "Advance Construction Project Management," training and immediately became interested. At first, the price of training is not cheap for someone like me who is a newly licensed civil engineer, but I can say it's worth my money and time; no similar topic I'm aware of is seen in schools nor is taught in other seminars. And to my great surprise, it was more than what I have expected. The instructor teaches the most basic, then to the advance topics in project management, project planning, project quality, and especially on the importance of an ISO certified company. The training will help the advancement of your career on becoming a competent project manager, project engineer, QA/QC, or an estimator. One of the things I would never forget is that the instructor teaches you in being a leader, in focusing on the quality of your project, and in project planning."

Fritz D. Natividad, Quezon City
Project Engineer (CE)

"My purpose and aim in enrolling the course were to gain and learn expert knowledge in project management. It's not the CPD that drives me to enroll the course. Before the CPD, however, I was eager to join a seminar in project management, but I couldn't find any in my place offering a similar training. My experience in completing the course in "Advanced Planning Of Quality in Project Management" is, I gained a lot of confidence, motivation, knowledge and technical skill on my job. I'm very happy and grateful that you provide detailed training materials and reference to reinforced my learning. I have a one-year employment gap, in which the course had tremendously help me on my career specifically self confidence on my profession."

Erwin C. Obenza, Cebu City
QA/QC Engineer (CE)

"“Your skill in project management and project quality is one of the in-demand skill an engineer and construction project professional must have to succeed if you work abroad. I have work here in UAE and Middle East countries for more than 20 years and project quality is an indispensable project requirement from start, planning, execution, to project completion. And knowing Engr. Marlon (founder of 3Web Project) expertise on project management & quality, he is the man who can teach you the exact skills and the critical knowledge based on international standard and best practice to advance your profession."

Engr. Raffy (United Arab Emirates)
Sr. Resident Engineer (ME)

Fast-track Your Career

You can choose a career path  to fast-track your profession in construction management, project management, or Advance Master's Cetificate in Project Management. 3Web Project have defined it already for you along with a career path suited to your career goals.

Remember, no matter how good you become because of your experienced, but without continuous training and learning to gain in-demand skills–-there's a danger. 

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Do you want to start or improve your career in project management, but don't know how?

And you need a defined career path that will lead  you to advance your knowledge, skills , and tools & technique to become competent & turn expert in managing projects.

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When you enroll you will be in our website member's area  where you will view the modules and lessons 24/7 access at your convenience.

Our Top of the Line Learning Management System (LMS) and training model make this possible for a fruitful, enjoyable learning experience. 

"Thank you for your dedication to share your knowledge to us. I have no regrets for my decision to joined your training and group. I've learned a lot. Thank you so much. "

A. M. S. Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur
Project Engineer (CE)

"For me as a young engineer, I am greatly overwhelmed on the new knowledge and skills I have learned; it helped me boost my self-confidence in project planning. Now I'm more organized concerning the quality of my project because of the methods, tools, and technique I've learned. If you want to become successful in your field, put up your construction firm, and for all newly license civil engineers who are serious on becoming an effective project manager, then this training is a must. I encourage you to make a step forward in your career and make a change."

Fritz D. Natividad
Project Engineer (CE)

"In my years of experience in construction industry, I know to myself that I still have so many things to learn. When I decided to take this online training I was so grateful because it boost my knowledge & skills that I'd never learned in my previous jobs and in school. Because of this training I know now how to process step by step and what to do with QA/QC Management of the project. It's really worth it spending my money in this kind of learning."

Rodney Arope
Site Engineer(CE, working in KSA)

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