How To Build An Ultimate Career Advantage in Construction & Engineering Projects.

Have you ever wondered why few engineers and construction professionals became successful in project management while most are NOT satisfied with the result they got?

And despite the unique opportunities for a project manager, project engineer, and site engineer, whether in national or abroad,  it seems only some were able to fill up and enjoy the benefits of these unique positions.

In contrast, no matter how good you become with your experience, but without formal training in construction project management, your career path to success is limited.

Is there something you should know and do to become competent in project management to fast-track your career, get your dream job, and triple your income quickly in your engineering field?

I became an accidental project manager at twenty eight (28) years old;  something I never thought to be a career advantage in my engineering profession even to this day.

My passion about project management have culminated to a point I’m committed to teach and coach the young engineers, engineering graduates, (CE,ME,EE,ECE,SE,GE,Archi or similar degree,etc.) and potential project managers who are interested to excel in managing projects.

I will share with you rare tips on how you can become a competent project manager and engineer (that you never thought about) so you can take advantage of the great opportunity available in the job market today – and that you can surely become one.

Here are the three (3) rare tips for you to seriously consider if you want a successful career in construction projects.

  1. Know the specific project management and processes applied in Construction Management.

Most practitioners lack the knowledge and practical training in construction management. That’s because most engineers are NOT aware or  they simply don’t know or nobody told them the below skills and competency:

  • Plan for quality
  • Set project quality objectives for your projects
  • Construction Standards and Procedures
  • Perform Project Quality Assurance
  • Perform Project Quality Control
  • HSE Management in Construction Projects among others

Check this link… to learn more on the specific project management in construction.

To miss out on the actual procedures and standards in construction projects as your primary skills are the main reason why you are NOT progressing as you wish to in your field.

If you are a recent graduate or a young professional - the best way to begin is get these specific skills in construction management.

For experienced engineers or even project managers, run don't walk to acquire the above skills together with the next step to consider...


  1. Gain a formal training in project management based on international standards, current trends, and best practice.

No Matter how good you become because of your experienced  even with more than 10 years of project management, but without formal training in managing projects, your professional advancement will be hampered.

With international project management environment using the knowledge and skills, tools and technique in project planning, scheduling, and control of project are inevitable to your career growth and success.

Then balancing the demand of project quality, risk, schedule, controlling cost using project performance analysis and forecasting, and your leadership skills to lead your project team to successful completion are critically essential to achieve project goals and objectives.

These are the skills you need that are generic to project management:

  • CRITICAL PATH method,
  • manage the SCOPE OF WORK,
  • work breakdown structure, 
  • create a PROJECT SCHEDULE,
  • identify project activities, 
  • total FLOAT,
  • Fast-racking & Crashing, 
  • manage PROJECT TEAMS,
  • project leadership,
  • conflict management & resolution,
  • the art of motivation
  • and project performance ANALYSIS and FORECASTING, among others.

Check this link to learn more about the generic project management based on international standards…

Project management terminologies are an important part of “project communication” to key stakeholders in a project environment.

Then the tools and technique need to be learned, gain, and apply to running projects to make the life of the project manager, or an engineer as a member of a project team easier and to function effectively during planning and execution stage of a project.


  1. Substantial experienced in construction projects + project management skills.

 To have experienced alone in the construction industry may NOT be sufficient to become a competent project manager and engineer in the 21st century.

Project managers and engineers post have turn increasingly a tougher competition these days. You need to set yourself apart from the pack to increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Why is that?

Because hiring managers and HR professionals, especially when hiring project managers and engineers  for medium to mega projects will now  require formal training in project management :

  • based on international standards in project management and in the construction industry;
  • a specific project management skills in construction management,
  • a generic skills in project management based on international standards and,
  • evidence of training in project management such as training certificates.


Your qualifications, knowledge, skills, and experience are keys that lead to a challenging, successful project management career.

In addition, a COMPETENCY base training in construction and engineering projects once you acquire it in your repertoire is undeniably a CAREER ADVANTAGE in your profession.


Thank you for taking the time to read.



Marlon Frando, MBA, PMP, CMQ/OE

3Web Project


Questions? Email to [email protected]

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