Work with International Company, Whether in the Philippines or Abroad?

If you know what the employer is looking for, you're more likely to get the position you’ve applied, at least triple your income, and advance your career the way you want it to be.


There has never been a time where career opportunities for professionals in the “construction industry” to explore better options with international companies.

Whether to work in the Philippines brought about by foreign investment, like the government initiatives Dutertenomics Build, Build, Build initiatives

or work abroad in the Middle East countries like the Dubai Expo 2020, World Cup 2022, and Abu Dhabi Economic Plan 2025-2030, not to mention other countries. You can be free to choose and direct your career, in a rare time like this.

Fellow Engineers, Architects, and Construction Project Professionals, new graduates and experienced professionals alike are in an ideal position to explore better options, if you know how.

 When you apply for a job, you know exactly what you're looking for.

 But did you ever try to step back a little to consider what the employer is looking for in its employees?

Understanding what the employer is looking for ahead of the interview is to position yourself for the rest of the candidates.

And to be sure to communicate why you are the perfect candidate; such as answering interview questions that are most likely relevant to the employer.

 If you were not successful with your previous application abroad and with international companies, then don’t fret yourself.

Because I will be sharing you the 5  most common reasons employers hire employees.

Definitely, these can help you prepare to land your next job with an international company.

1.    Relevant work experience

When the employer or a recruitment agency called you for an interview, then it is most likely you fulfilled the relevant experience, based on your professional cv including your recent training and attached certificates.

Your speaking and listening skills are critical, especially how you present yourself to the employer with the aim to impress him that your experience is relevant to the position.

2.    Knowledge & Skills based on International Standards & Best Practice.

Employers working with international contracts have varied exposure to international standards and best practice all over the world.

And it will be a minimum requirement during an interview to ask questions to the candidate about experience, knowledge, and skills to international project environment.

If you have not worked abroad or not aware of the standards, then you should do something to work on your skills. 

Doing nothing can be the reasons behind "low salary offers."  

And employers will always find means to bargain your salary requirements later in the interview.

If you believe in your ability and deserve what you expect, then improve your chances by gaining in-demand skills starting today.

Let me give you two(2) scenarios:

 If you have more than 7 or 10 yrs experience in local employment, then this will not be enough to impress the employer, why? Because there is a “big gap” with skills acquired in local employment compared with another country following an international standards.

If you are a new graduate or 3 yrs local experienced and have the knowledge and skills in international standards, then your chances to get hired by the employer is far easier than with the one with local experience only.

 Click this link to learn about skills based on International Standards and best practice and the training "Problem Solving Technique & Root Cause Analysis".

 If you’ve met these relevant work experience and skills based on International standards in projects, then you will be most likely to be hired.

 The next reasons will be more of an exercise to set your salary expectations for the position.

3.    A good cultural fit

Working with international companies require that you must have the ability to work well with multi-cultural environment.

You must have the people skills and understanding of culture, education, and religion to name a few.

4. Enthusiasm and initiative

This would be observed the moment you enter the door.

It’s about how you demonstrate self-confidence which naturally comes out during the interview.

Your experience, knowledge, and skills about the position you applied for and as you answer the questions will be assessed by the employer, whether you will be a good fit for the job or not.

5. Salary Expectation

How much is your worth?

This question would easily come in within few minutes of the interview, depending on the position.

 If you are ready to answer this question and possibly follow up questions, then this could be your chance to at least triple your income in less time.

 You must have a compelling reason why you deserve the salary you expect.

Your ability to convince the employer will be easier especially if you have the relevant experience, knowledge, and skills base on international standards. 

(and the training "Problem Solving Technique & Root Cause Analysis").

These are the 5 reasons you should know and do to become successful in your career.

With this career tips, surely it will help you prepare to land your next job and get the salary you want.



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