"The Career Transition of an Engineer, Architect, and Construction Professional Working Abroad".

Do you know what exactly happens the moment you mobilize or hired to join a company Abroad?

I was called from our company here in UAE to join our project team in Muscat, Oman.

Now one(1) week had passed since I join the project team, I realized there are critical concerns one must know perfectly well to surmount, survive, and remain focus on your goals why you came to work overseas in the first place, or else your purpose will be derailed quickly.

I know this job transition can be handled easily by some, but to most individual a strong resolve is definitely necessary(especially if you're alone in a country for the 1st time).

I just want to share my recent experience with you so that if the same condition will occur in your career especially going abroad, then you can handle, manage, and come out victorious from a career transition in the life of an Engineer, Architect, or a construction project professional working in another country.

1. Pre-employment and deployment

In this stage, just coming up from the long pre-employment process such as: searching for a position from a recruitment agency,etc... wait for your schedule for the employer's interview, and if when qualified you must be able to negotiate the salary you want or expected, which could be the hardest part during pre-employment abroad.

This could be your chance to at least triple (3x) your salary if you're prepared.

Assuming you were able to pass through the previous stage, the deployment process begins.

You've received a notice to be ready and join your new company, this time in another country.

Travel documents are complete,i.e. valid passport, visa, your ticket to the country of destination booked, and you're excited because you sign the employment contract and the salary you wanted. 

An income that will fulfill your goals in your profession and personal life; so, any fear towards this journey takes second consideration. 

Take note though, any engineering positions in the construction industry are packaged with better salary for professionals having the right knowledge, experience, skills, and aptitude.

With the upcoming events such as Dubai Expo 2020, Qatar World Cup 2022, Abu Dhabi Plan 2025 to 2030, and economic plans of other countries, construction professionals are once again in high demand in the Middle East.

Usually fear of the unknown, however, normally sink in and you have to guard yourself to remain focus in pursuit of your dream career and life.

Your character as an individual and a professional is critical to get through this transition. Which leads us to the next ...

2. Experiences, Knowledge and Skills, and Aptitude

At this stage, the most valuable repertoire you can bring with you is your professional experienced.

Professional Experience

 The more experience and varied exposure you've accumulated whether in design and engineering or construction project management, etc..., then this can get you through easily when you finally arrived and join to work with your international company.

But not always.

Skills & Knowledge Based on International Standards.

When your experience won't fit at your job for the first time yet, your knowledge and skills can be drawn to surmount a frantic employment stage. 

Emerging countries with a fast moving economy have a set of standards and requirements that can be higher with varying differences entirely new from your country. 

And this includes project management, construction, project quality, occupational health and safety, and engineering management on daily basis among others.

Acquiring the knowledge and skills based on international standards and best practice is another way to ensure stability in a stressful, hectic work period.

To get the in-demand skills based on international standards and best practice in Middle East countries or in any part of the world, check this link...


Even you're the most qualified person, but without the right mindset, you can still be in a bad situation which might derail your new career journey, if you lack the following...

 3. Psychological and Cultural Orientation

Work environment could affect your resolve in times of career transition.

Psychological Orientation

And your orientation towards your mental process and behaviors in the workplace will be tested. A strong personality is highly needed during this times.

Cultural Orientation

Another one is your adaptation with cultural diversity.

To work in the Middle East countries would mean putting yourself intermingled with several nationalities, like countries from India, Pakistan, Arab countries like Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Sudan, and of course the National citizens.

In the UAE alone, it has varied cultures brought about by more than 200 nationalities.


Remember, this period is an inevitable part of your transition to work overseas; it will eventually come to pass in 1 wk, 1 month to 3 months depending on your adaptation skills discussed above.

So, if you will be in a 6 months probation, your employment contract will most likely be extended to regular status,  now that you became aware of these critical employment tips enumerated above.

Then you will be on your way to a new journey towards your dream career and achieve personal success to share with your loved ones.

Something you never imagined possible.

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