Engineers and Architects Becoming a Project Manager


Why do project professionals struggle to be successful?

Some in their quest for professional growth, to be a fulfilled technical engineer, senior engineer, project architect, department head or becoming an effective project manager, it seems something is lacking along the path to career advancement.

Why is it?

In this article, I will expound on those career paths of an engineer, architect, and project professional towards becoming an effective project manager.

But first, let me share with you some background by describing the fears and frustrations, wants, and aspirations of most if not all in this industry:

1. New Graduate or Looking for a job.
The fears and frustration in this category will be, not knowing what field in engineering to start, too many applicants for one position, very low starting salary, no experience so not qualified and remain jobless, lack of employment opportunities and the list goes on and on.

2. Experienced Professionals 
The fears and frustration in this category will be, most of the common fear that you might have to your career is you won’t progress any further, staying stagnant and fear you won’t reach your career goals anymore.

Also, you are not being challenged and not knowing the best way to advance your engineering profession, settling for a comfortable job instead of following your ambition.

As a result, you feel unfulfilled, a lot of insecurities, not having enough money to pay your bills, strain in the family and if you are just starting out, you develop self-doubt.

3.  Wants and aspirations.
More employment opportunities, competitive salary, and benefits.
Job growth.
Become an expert in your field.

To become a project manager, design manager, or director as the case may be.
A position of a leadership role where you can make a difference in the organization.
And most importantly, earn more money to provide for yourself and your family.

Therefore, what is the solution to achieve your desires in your career? Is it possible to position yourself to be competent in what you do, to get what you deserve and for your love ones?

We’ll find out, and you’ll be the judge. And it’s my purpose to help and show you that it’s doable if you are willing.

In our next post, I will discuss on how you can jump start your career. I will clearly articulate the career progression of an engineer in any discipline (CE, ME, EE, ECE, IE, etc.) or Architect and other project professionals which will lead you to the potential career path of a successful project manager. So stay tune!


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