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Learn the International Standards in Project Management and Construction Engineering to Fast-track Your Career, at Least Triple Your Income Quickly, or Work Abroad to Advance Your Profession.

Advance Planning of  Quality
in Project Management

The 1st Step to Project Success , Training Course

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Get our  step­ by­ step seven (7) weeks online training where you will gain "practical in-demand skills" in Planning of Quality, Construction Engineering, and Project Management, a 3- key knowledge areas in 1-training. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a new graduate, experienced engineer or architect, or a new project manager, or in what part of the world you are coming from. The in-demand knowledge and skills we’re about to share with you can prepare you to meet greater opportunities in your profession; you will get promoted faster, enjoy a thriving career, and succeed in your job in construction project management.

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Dear fellow engineers, architect, any engineering/architecture graduates, and construction project professionals,

It's time to enhance your skills and knowledge with the right training and create a sustainable job throughout your working life, build your confidence and competencies in delivering value to your job and career.

3Web Project new training program will teach you how to start, plan, understand project  requirements, assign responsibility to achieve quality objectives, plan the project quality systems, establish quality assurance and control procedure, evaluate quality performance for each project management stages, and finally develop the overview and detailed steps to lead your project to success.
We’ll teach you, how professionals in your field become competent engineers and architects, project engineers, project architects, design managers, quality managers, project managers, or project executives and become highly paid project professionals.

It's time to increase your earning potential and benefit from your capabilities and experienced. 
Advance Planning of Quality in Project Management teaches you how...

When you Sign up  for Advance Planning of Quality in Project Management, right now and you'll get:

I. Advance Planning of Quality in Project Management, is a  

7 ­WEEKS ONLINE COURSE - The New 7 weeks Project Quality and Management training course for Engineers, Architect, Managers, Engineering & Construction Professionals, and project executives. 

Each Modules 1 to 5 will be released each week for seven weeks once you enroll, but you have access to the course 24/7  for 3months and can go at your pace. While the bonus courses will be drifted after 5-7 weeks, the perfect time to add with the main training. So, it will be easy for you to manage these lessons.  

Modules 1 & 2, will set your foundation in project quality management 

Modules 3,4 & 5, will advance your knowledge and understanding in project quality and project management.

And Bonus Courses:

1. HSE Management for Construction Professionals
2. Opportunities & Strategies in the Construction Industry


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This training is perfect for you if you want to:

1.Fast-track your career in Project Management and Construction Engineering by learning the INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS & BEST PRACTICE.

2. Get ahead in your career, promoted faster, and at least triple your income quickly.

3.Work abroad and negotiate a better salary package even if it will be your first time to work in another country, like the Middle East, such as the UAE, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and U.S.A

4. Prepare yourself for one of the biggest opportunity ever in the construction industry--examples are: the Dutertenomics - Build, Build, Build and Jobs, Jobs, Jobs initiative of the government(creating 2 million jobs per year particularly for the construction industry).  And the Dubai Expo 2020, Qatar World Cup 2022, and Abu Dhabi 2025-2030.

5.Gain in-demand skills in construction engineering and project management, and also earn "CPD" for the renewal of your PRC license.

6. Learn the international standards in Project Management to facilitate your transition to work anywhere in the world.

7. Get the right training which leads you to a promising career on becoming a competent Project Manager and creates a sustainable job for your career.

8.Use training certificate as evidence of your competency in your field; and attract the attention of hiring managers.

We will take you by the hand, show you each lesson on a detailed video illustration, you will do the action exercises and let our Instructor evaluate your work and performance.

With this method, you will develop the skills and knowledge and make it your own and apply immediately to your projects.



Module 1: Understanding Quality In Project Management
You will learn:

Understanding the owner project requirements.
Project Quality Systems
International Standards for Projects.

Module 2: Designating Responsibility To Ensure Quality.
You will learn:

Top management leadership responsibility and involvement.
Company Quality Policy.
Project Quality Objectives.
Project team capabilities & involvement.
Cost of Project Quality.

Module 3: Plan Quality in Construction Project
You will learn:

Part 1.

Project Quality Management System and how to document it.
Mandatory standard operating procedures and how to document it.
Part 2- Lesson 1

Construction contract document is essential input in planning of quality
Essential elements of the the technical and engineering requirements to plan quality.
Document the technical and engineering requirements of the project quality plan.

Part 2- Lesson 2

What is a project schedule, the steps to develop, and a primary document to ensure  project quality.
Documentation and submittal process in construction project.
Submittal process and the baseline schedule
Other QMS documents.

Module 4: Perform  Quality Assurance & Quality Control
You will learn:

Lesson 1-Perform Quality Assuracne.

Project audit & classification of audit.
Project audit a critical part of QA
How audit is conducted in construction project.

Audit Close-out.

and more...

Lesson 2-Perform Quality Control

Process of quality control applied to construction activities like:

Method statement

Inspection Test Plan (ITP)

Activity checklist

Risk Assessment 

Documenting the work method statement.

and more...

Module 5: Project Management Stages & Quality Compliance.
You will learn:

Project initiation and quality compliance
Project planning and quality compliance
Project execution and quality compliance
Project monitoring & control, and quality compliance
Project close out and quality compliance

And Bonus Courses:

1. HSE Management for Construction Professionals
2.Opportunities & Strategies in the Construction Industry


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more than 20+ video lessons
·         pdf worksheet, pdf docs, lessons exercises, etc.
Free membership to our Facebook closed group discussions(2months class)
Assignment + Final Exams
·         2 months + 1-month bonus access to lessons

 when you enroll and will register in the Facebook closed group you will be a lifetime member in the long as 3Web Project will exist...and internet exist.
so you can join the discussion, or clarifications, questions,etc...even your 2 months training will be over.

The FB close group is very important and instrumental to your learning, we can't over emphasized that. 
·         mobile and desktop friendly
·         Certificate of Completion

After completion of the training, we will send you door to door, your ready to frame, beautiful "certificate of completion" to your exact address you will provide when you enroll, free of charge. (With exact address and can be reached by courier in the Philippines only)

And when you will apply for "renewal of your PRC license, just attached the Certificate of Completion using PRC prescribe form through Self Directed Learning  for review and approval of CPD council and as per PRC guidelines.

PRC CPD guidelines

Let our expert shorten your learning curve so you can focus on your career advancement and achievements.
We'll teach you the same strategies, the international standards, and best practice in project management and construction engineering being applied in projects today.

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Be the first to complete this training and get ahead...
"Advance Planning of Quality in Project Management: The 1st step to Project Success,"  training course.

And the Bonus Courses...
1.) HSE Management for Construction Professionals.
2.)Strategy and Opportunities in the Construction Industry


Enroll now to get these bonus courses for a limited time only...

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What's it worth to have the best training ever design and delivered by a project management expert and you will learn the most effective skills in construction engineering and project management ever develop?
For 28 years, our expert practitioner has done a narrow and challenging career path starting as a young engineer, to site engineer, and become a project manager, and currently in top management positions advising MD and GM for various countries in the Middle East.

We are going to share all and how with this training can change your career towards your dream life…

 That's what  Advance Planning of Quality in Project Management teaches you.

Be more strategic with your career for you to succeed.

Our disclaimer is, we have done the hard work and put it all in this training, you have to do your part by working hard and studying during the training.

Career success and achievements can’t be done in one training, but it can fast track and equipped you with the in-demand skills for you to succeed.

Other professionals have done it and became successful. With our training design for you to become competent in Project management and construction engineering, plus with your determination to succeed towards your ultimate career,  you can do that as well; even far better, faster, and in a strategic way.


Our training program is unique, and one of its kind, and can help you significantly, especially to new engineers and architects,  experience professionals, and project management practitioners who want to take their career at a higher level of professional achievement.

Silver Clad Guarantee:

30 days Money Back Guarantee

 However, after 30 days you are not satisfied, send us an email, and we will refund your money without any questions asked. ·

Just give us 5-9 days (transaction fees and processing fees shall be deducted). And still, we will remain friends. (But everything stays for your career getting the same results.)

However, after 30 days, it will be fair enough, signifying your satisfaction and full payment of the course. And we can tell you; this will be the beginning of a beneficial mutual relationship.

Is your career important to you?

Don’t experiment and discover for yourself and spend 7, or more than 10  years figuring out your dream job and how to succeed, when our 3Web Project training has already done it for you...


Let our expert and active project practitioner shorten your learning curve and give you the same strategies, tools and technique, procedures, checklists, and the international standards and best practice in project management and construction engineering currently used as standard and applied in current projects.

Sign up today, and you'll get all of 3Web Project step ­by­ step, methods, best practice, and international standard with the Advance Planning Quality in Project Management, training course.

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This is all the in-demand skills for you to be competent and ready for the new career challenge to get ahead in your professional field ... 
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Advance Planning of Quality in Project Management...

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To your career success

3Web Project


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