How to Jump start, Fast-track, and Manage Your Career on Becoming a Competent Project Manager.

Training in Engineering and Project Managment is a Critical Decision to Your Professional Advancement and Career Success.

I have shared already with you–if you have been following our post–why engineers, architects, and project professionals, whether a new graduate or looking for a job, and experienced engineers alike, are confronted with difficulties and dissatisfaction over their profession.

Base on Project Management Institute (PMI), there are levels of phases on how an engineer’s career evolves on a position vs. time, here are the four (4) phases:

Check this video: PMI levels of a Project Manager Progression

• Development phase (0-5 yrs),
• Project engineering phase (5-10 yrs),
• Management, Supervisory phase (10-15 yrs),
• Executive management phase (15-20 yrs).

Using the above data to benchmark your career, right now, will reveal if you are on track or not. If you are, congratulations! If not, don’t let press down on you–by the way, it’s not your fault.

Because below, I will share with you quickly, how you can take action and move ahead from where you are towards a more fulfilling profession in engineering or related field. Here’s how:

1. It’s not just about training; it’s your professional growth.

Don’t join any training course/s if you haven’t figured out yet how it help you to scale your career growth.
Identify your training needs to align with your ultimate career.

You must structure your training plans and requirements with the sole purpose to “Fast-track” your career advancement with speed and precision.

2. What are the benefits and transformation for your career and yourself?

Will the training makes you perform better in your job?

Will your performance and confidence level increase with the new knowledge and skills you’ve got?

Will you be more motivated to wake up every day to go and work in your office, because you know you’re accelerating towards your ultimate career?

And most importantly, will the training advance your career to where you want to be and at least double your income in less time?
That was a bold one. But it’s the ultimate measure of training results and personal transformation.

3. Be Coached and Train by Expert & Seasoned Professionals

Let’s get down to the core of the process of your career success.

Are the instructor experienced professionals and have done it, know the way, the pain of failures of not knowing it the first time, the difficulties, frustrations, and struggles of doing it alone?

Knowing somebody who has done it before and that someone will take you by the hand, and show you the right career path to take;

And avoid the same mistakes they did, will get you to your dream career faster and better than you ever thought possible; with less effort, money and the unnecessary troubles and defeat of doing it by yourself.

Now, your dream job is possible.

It's in your hands to make it happen.


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