Understanding Project Management and Construction Engineering to Leverage Your Job Search and Competency.

The fastest way to reach to the top of your field  is knowing exactly the path leading to professional success.

Understanding then, about project management specifically in the construction industry is the key.

And there are fundamental concept that will lead towards your job search and professional competency – by understanding two critical elements in project and construction engineering namely, the:

  • Construction Contract and,
  • Primary project Stakeholders

Let’s combine the two elements by defining the main responsibilities of the primary stakeholders. See also the Figure below(photo from Project Management Institute(PMI)):

  1. The Owner

Remember, the project idea begins with the owner.

Projects are usually undertaken in response to a set of goals that is identified to achieve organizational objectives. The most common categories of organizational objectives include operating necessity, competitive necessity, or innovative ventures of the Owner or Developer.

One of the important components of a project definition document is the rationale statement detailing how the project investment is reconciled with organizational strategic goals and investment policies.

Furthermore, with innovative and creative crafting of project objectives, it is possible for a project management team to develop alternative options in achieving the same organizational goal.

This is the reason a  Design Consultant is critically important for a carefully drafted project objective and the contract document which is essential to the project's success.  

  1. Design Consultant

The Owner needs and desires are communicated to the Design Consultant to translate and  produce documents such as the:

 Construction contract, project charter, objectives, scope statement, and specifications.

In construction, projects refer to the description of the deliverable as scope of work.

Project specifications are usually included in the contract documents.

Definition of project objectives involves detailing the project scope, attributes of the deliverable, acceptance tests, desired delivery date, expected budget, and team structure.

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When the Owner directs the activities of the project, whether through its internal engineering team and designate a project manager, the description of project quality compliance, tools and techniques used in implementing the project are also included in the specification document.

  1. Contractor

When the construction contract is finally awarded to a contractor by competitive bidding or other forms, the construction will commence with a kickoff meeting to discuss important contract requirements, starting date, duration and key project issues.

The Contractor composition of its project team is introduce to the owner, design consultant, client/end user, maintenance department, etc.

Other formalities will be defined such as submittal procedures for drawings, method statements, project quality plan, HSE plan, material & procurement submittals, and approval of key member of the project teams.

When you understand the needs of the primary stakeholders, the Owner, the Design Consultant, and the Contractor, you can identify exactly your career path, formulate a strategy for your career development and achieve it, and to significantly improve your chances of professional and personal success.

Thank you for taking the time to read.


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"Project Managers Course" and Advanced Construction Project Management.


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