How Your Salary Depends Significantly On Project Complexity and Project Management Skills.

Traditional Project Management CAN NOT solve PROJECT COMPLEXITY most of the time.

One organization may be continually successful with a small project because of familiarity with it using traditional project management.

With the evolving construction and engineering project requirements, compliance, and changing project environment -  these project complexity will force company, project team, and project professionals to change drastically their approach to project management to achieve a successful project.

On the other hand, these project complexity introduces an opportunity to engineers, architects, engineering graduates, contractors, consultants, and construction professionals through a career path development linking evaluation of job specifications on the new requirements of project management positions.

The below Figure shows the relation of Project Size to Project Complexity and Salary Increase

General application of the illustration indicates in the example:

  1. For a Medium size construction project requires Moderate complexity.
  2. While a Large project requires High project complexity.
  3. And for Megaprojects will require  Extreme project complexity.
How does this illustration relate to the salary you will get?


The table below summarizes it for you based on empirical data. You will find the information may overlap in some condition.


If you want to triple your income quickly, just apply multiplication by three times(3x) for the above table to determine the salary range of working abroad considering the same parameters from the table.

Check this link below to learn more about project management and the needed skills as the responsibility and project complexity increases with the position.

Owners, employers, hiring managers, and human resource professionals have recognized these project complexity already, and how to respond to it, to adopt for company existential flexibility.

Especially so, when hiring engineers, architects, engineering graduates, and construction professionals for their construction projects.

A  project management skills with a low and without increasing complexity can occur only in two stages of your profession: 

  • Development stage, 0-5 years of experience (22-27 years old) and
  • Mid-career stage, 6-10 years of experience (28-33 years old).

As you progresses with your career and accumulated years of experience, you must be equip with project management skills and best practice to respond with construction project requirements.

The earlier you take action to learn and enhance your professional competency, you accelerate your career progression to a project management skills with "increasing complexity".

On the other hand, the more you contribute to company growth, whether by strategic competitive advantage or existential flexibility of the company, through your project management skills, then expect your salary to increase significantly with longer employability.

Therefore, you should be able to get the critical project management skills necessary to respond to project size and complexity to get the salary you want.


Thank you for taking the time to read.

3Web Project

Marlon Frando, MBA, PMP, CMQ/OE

Training Director & Founder

P.S. - Go to the link below for more information on Project Management training: 

Project Managers & Engineers Course;

Advanced Construction Project Management

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