Upcoming Courses for 2018...

Watch Out for the "in-demand skills" in Project Management training courses. It's coming in 2018:


This time,  more training courses to choose from for you to get ahead and achieve your dream job.

Don't be an accidental or traditional project manager, engineer, or professional. Instead, expand your project management career to international standard to remain competent in your field.

You don't need to enroll in postgraduate study or master's degree either to have a formal education in project management at a high cost because we've done it for you.

The  training concept was design specific to engineers, architects, and professionals in the construction industry, but at a priced you can afford.

Become a competent and confident project manager or professionals train based on international standards and best practice.

So, let the year 2018 be the year for a new career challenge and to get the results you've always wanted for your career and your loved ones.


*The Advance Planning of Quality in Project Mangement is a special training course for new graduates and experienced professionals alike, who want to fast-track their career and triple their income quickly.

A 3 in 1 training in Project Management, Project Quality, and Construction Management.

Also, this training is designed specifically for those who want to work abroad.

Title of Training Course – Project Management
 I. Foundation Project Management Courses
1. Fundamentals of Managing Projects
2. People Skills for Project Managers

II.Advance Project Management Courses

1. Advance Planning of Quality in Project Management 
2. Strategic Project Management
3. Project  Leadership

 III. Master Certificates
1. Advanced Master's Certificate in Project Management
 Strategic Project Management,

Advance Planning of Quality in Project Management                  

Plus other training...TBA

Yes, coming your way in 2018!


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