Your Dream Job in Construction and Engineering Project is Achievable.

Is your dream job in construction  and Engineering project critical to your career success?

More than twenty years ago, engineering, design, and technical skills were the sought after job categories for engineers, architects, project professionals, and everyone could only hope we can get the same job.

Does this hold true today?

If you think it is the same as the career path of Generation X like me, then you are misinformed; because it is not the same for Millenials today.

These occupations have presented a different and a significant shift regarding employability.

Various examples are the emergence of environmental, sustainability, safety in design, occupational safety, project quality, project risk, construction engineering, and project management, etc.

And it's where the phrase "international standard and best practice" emanates from each job categories.

As a result, project management & construction engineering has created new career opportunities.

Have you ever thought the above requirements would become a primary concern for business owners, executive managers, architects, designers, planners, engineers, and project managers alike; which is equal to or even critical consideration compared to design engineering?

Not two decades ago.

But today it is and takes on a serious consideration regarding business reputation, positioning, and legal compliance.

How about ISO registration of companies in the construction industry and allied services. I’m referring to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and 14001.

And if you are going to work in countries with developed or emerging economies, the international standards in engineering and construction projects has evolved each year.

Now, if you have plans to work abroad, will it concern you?

You said, however, "I’m not working or have the plan to work abroad so that it won’t affect my professional practice."

Think again.

You may not be working abroad or not yet, but this concerns you all the more because the international companies that have adopted these requirements for more than two decades already, are coming to you right at your doorstep.

Or those professionals returning home from abroad will post career competition and take advantage of the opportunity.

To a company in the construction industry, either they are proactive or reactive, or have little regard which shows on the organization culture.

But to you as professionals and practitioners, there’s no option.

You must be proactive in your approach to these international standards and best practice.

A reactive stance has dire consequences on your employability, both in short and the long term.

Don’t wait for the time till it crosses your career path and someone else enforces it on you.

Moreover, the need to adapt to the changes in project management and construction engineering job is indeed critical to your career success.

(Check the Training Courses & Schedules, and career path below leading to construction management, project management, and advanced master's certificate in project management).

To respond constructively to develop the skills and manage these demands in your career is evident and created a sense of urgency for professionals in engineering design & consultancy, construction project management, and allied engineering services.

Doing nothing or unaware of the standards will cause a negative impact on your current position, and it will take its toll longer on your future career.

On the other hand, it will do more good when you accept it as a career opportunity to explore.

An ideal position to pursue your professional ambitions.

To your career success, :)



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