How To Develop Career Advantage To Get Your Dream Job And Succeed In Your Field.

Intentional improvement of your knowledge, skills and competence to carry out your professional role throughout your working life depend entirely on how you embrace learning.

A vague and random approach, in the other hand, might lead your profession to a stand still.

Why professional training & development  is critically important for a thriving, successful career? Here are some of the most critical reasons why:

  • Professional competence
  • Establish a career advantage to get ahead from the rest in your profession.
  • Learn new knowledge or skills
  • A training certificate will serve as evidence of your competence in specific domains.

  •  Like project management skills which is the most in-demand skills an engineer, architects, and construction professionals must have to succeed in construction projects.
  • Promotion
  • Keep abreast with current trends and best practice
  • Fill gaps in your skills and capabilities
  • Demonstrates your professional competitiveness to  employers &...
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What Your Professional Skills, Qualifications, & Certificate Can Do To Succeed In Your Career.

 Your engineering and technical skills, though important, is not enough to keep you moving to become competent and achieve success in your field.

Maybe you haven't though the significance of the subject about your qualifications and in-demand skills.

Because engineering and construction projects rely more on project management skills than technical and rational means of solving a project problems.

If you’re stuck in your profession, and don't have any idea how to begin your career journey in engineering and construction project, then this will be it...


Employers like, project owners & developers, design consultant, contractor, & government organization will require one or the other in your career progression the following:

1. Do you have training and a certificate as a proof of your professional development for the past three (3) years?

Your training certificate attached with your CV will get your foot at the door, for the interview.

Image result for photo of job interview

Are you ready to...

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7 Strategies To Achieve Your Most Important Career Goals in 2019.

What can we do to set better career goals, be more disciplined and consistent, invest our time and effort in it but not get overwhelmed at the same time?
Why do so many people fail at setting personal and professional goals, and what are the secrets behind those who succeed?

Do you know what you’ll be doing 3 weeks or 12 weeks from now?

If not, then it’s time to make a plan if you want to achieve your most important career goals in 2019.

Creating your own personal development plan not only helps you effectively plan for the future and manage your own learning and development, but it can also give you direction and strategy to move forward in your career.

Let’s get it on…

  1. Set Your Short-term Goals

Your career goals could have been launch many times each year, but lack of discipline and consistent effort make it fail.

If you’re stuck, ask yourself the following questions:

Where do I want to progress in my career?

Will, I be happier in a...

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He Came to Saves Us From Our Sins.

20 But when he had considered this, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife; for [a]the Child who has been [b]conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit.21 She will bear a Son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for [c]He will save His people from their sins.” Matthew 1:20-21 (NASB)

You shall call His name Yeshua (Jesus)
Yeshua means – God saves. For he will save his people from their sins.

This is a new name distinct from all the other names given to Jesus in the Old Testament.

And there’s a reason behind this.

Throughout men existence, it continually departs from God’s will and commandments. As a result, we violated His holy law.

No hope. Cut off from the mercy and grace of the Almighty God.

Therefore, destined for eternal hell.


The Word became Flesh.

Who is the Word? John 1 summarizes, “The Word was with God and the...

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Why Engineers and Construction Professionals Need to Develop Project Management Skills to Lead a Project.

Your lack of skills in engineering and construction project means that Owner, Design Consultant, and Contractor are not able to deliver the project objectives and gain the benefits for the primary project stakeholders.

Empirical data shows that 32% of assessed projects experienced scope creep, 47% were over budget, and 51% were delayed.

What this means is money that should have been saved, efforts wasted, and time that should have been invested more efficiently for important matters in your personal or career life.

Here are the impending reasons why you need to have project management skills:

1. Engineering and Construction Projects rely more on non-technical than technical skills.

Technical and design skills are critically important during the life cycle of a project, especially during the design development stages.

Primary stakeholders have realized that in order for their project to be completed on time, on budget, on scope, and on quality it must fulfill at least two critical...
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What is Professional Success? How Will You Know If You Have Achieved It?

How to Earn More and Be Successful in Engineering and Construction Industry?

The good news is, you don’t need to be a graduate with honors or employed in the remote villages practicing your novel profession.  What matters is, where you are going in your career in the next 1-2 years.

Below are the 3 best pieces of advice for you to make as a young and to the not so young professionals to advance your profession in engineering and the construction industry:

  1. The first 1-5 years of your experience is critical to your success.

Your job should provide new learning experiences. Your experience should motivate you to seek to discover new exposure to expand your job perspective.

You should be employed in one of these organization: design & consulting, contractor, project management, owner/developer, facilities management, government department, and related industry.

Be alert always for a job opportunity that will be best suited for you and get it.

You will come to a...

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Recommended Training Path in Project Management

We received this frequently asked question (FAQ) many times from new graduates and experienced professionals alike in ENGINEERING and the construction industry.

"What training can you recommend to me?" 

These professionals asking this question are smart enough. They either completed or enrolled in our training.

If you have a similar question, below are our response:

1. For 0-3 years of experience (including new graduates)

You can take the training(click the link for the training details):

"Fundamentals of Managing Construction Project"

You can take this as a starter training where you will learn exactly the overview of an engineering and construction project from start to completion.

However, for fast-track training to get ahead from the rest take,

Advanced Construction Project Management".

This training is a definite professional advantage when you attached your "training certificate" with your CV when applying for a job.

With the knowledge and skills you learn...

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How to Work Abroad, Pass Employer’s Interview, and Triple Your Income Quickly.

I’ve worked abroad for more than ten (10) years already with a contractor and an engineering consultancy company until now.

I’ve found out the fastest way to triple (3x) your income is to seek employment and work abroad.

We asked Engineers, Architect, Engineering graduates, and construction professionals during our one (1) day seminar series in Metro Manila, the question ”How can you triple your income in less time”?

By the way, we conducted this survey based on social media with several engineering group and newspaper article, of how much engineering graduates and experienced engineers alike, should be receiving as the minimum salary and expectations for those experienced ones; because many of these professionals are NOT satisfied either the salary offer or what they are getting.

Are you in the same situation? If you are then you are not alone.

I faced the same dilemma like most Engineering Millennial and professionals today when I came to realize later in...

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The Known Secret of a Thriving Career But Few Tried.

The world of employ-ability is undergoing a massive shift.

The CONSTRUCTION industry are expanding at an alarming pace, and the skills needed by Engineering and Construction professionals to keep up are churning at a faster rate.

Our experienced for the past couple of years, have indicated a decline to skills acquisition.

A career advantage, however, to those who are silently and patiently undergoing a new culture of learning; where a blended type of training and learning new skills, a mix of online and classroom are embrace by professionals to gain ability and competency in their field.

For example, the professionals who are in our courses will do two things: enroll in the training and take the course assessment, silent and patient in improving their skills.

So, when they got a mark "proficient" if not "highly proficient" score in project management knowledge and skills, it build their confidence in pursuing higher career goals.

Moreover, each participants in the end are provided...

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"YOUR BEST CAREER EVER": A 3-step plan to achieve your most important career goals.

 Are you looking for a strategy to get the best result from your profession but don't know no matter how hard you tried?

I want to share with you the exact "Blueprint" for you to reach and achieve any dream job you have ever imagine. 

Download the FREE ebook: (1,500 + copies downloaded)

"YOUR BEST CAREER EVER": A 3-step plan to achieve your most important career goals.

Here are few excerpts:

  • The ten (10) most common "career mistakes" to avoid.
  • As one author has said: “Invest in yourself. Your career is the engine of your wealth."
  • Remember, no matter how good you become because of your experienced, but without continuous training and learning to gain essential skills – there’s a danger.
  • Not many are enhancing their skills through training; and by making continues training and learning your career strategy alone, will put your career far ahead and at an advantage from the rest of the professionals in your field.
  • I’d like you to remember that ...
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