Project Management for Beginner's

Get the step­ by­ step 3 to 10 Days Online Training + Course Assessment where you will gain "practical in-demand skills " in construction engineering and project management. When you choose the "Smart Pack", you will be eligible to enroll the  "Certified Construction Manager" Online or Classroom training.

Beginner Pack [fresh graduates & students]

(0-1 year of experience; students in engineering, architecture, construction management, and others interested can take the training)
1. Fundamentals of Managing Construction Project


Lesson 1- Managing Project Quality & Conformance; Lesson 2- Managing Project Stakeholders; Lesson 3- Managing Project Communication & Coordination; Lesson 4- Managing Project Scheduling & Control; Lesson 5- Managing Project Teams; Lesson 6-Managing Project Estimating & Cost Management; Lesson 7- Managing Project Health, Safety, and Environment



Distribution of Certificate Wk 3

Bonus Course:

  • HSE Management for Construction Professionals

+ Course Assessment

Get One(1) Certificate of Completion

7-15 CPD, Self Directed Learning. Check link for PRC CPD GUIDELINE

Php 2,750.0 @ discounted Limited Offer from Php 3,255.0

Questions? Email to [email protected]

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Ready To Frame Certificate

Jumpstart Packs

(0- 4 years of experience)
1. Project Planning, Scheduling, & Control

Module 1-Understanding Project Requirements.(week 1)

Module 2 – Managing the Scope of Work.(week 2 )

Lesson 1: Scope of Work Management; Lesson 2: Breakdown Your Project Into Manageable Component; Lesson 3: Integrating the Work Breakdown Structure With The Project Schedule

Module 3 – Tools & Technique in Scheduling & Control.(wk 3)

1.Critical path method (CPM); 2. Schedule compression techniques: Crashing; Fast-tracking; 3.Resource optimization techniques; 4.Leads and Lags; 5.Scheduling Tool; 6. Schedule network analysis(Precedence Diagramming Technique) and more...

Module 4 – Creating the Project Schedule.(week 4)

2. Fundamentals of Managing Construction Projects

Bonus Courses:

  • How to Become a Competent Project Manager
  • HSE Management for Construction Professionals

+ Course Assessment

Get Two (2) Certificates of Completion

30 - 49 CPD, Self Directed Learning. Check link for PRC CPD GUIDELINE

Php 7,795.0 @ discounted Limited Offer from Php 7,500.0 + 3,255.0

Questions? Email to [email protected]

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Smart Packs

(0-7 years experience & above)
1. Advanced Construction Project Management
2. Project Planning, Scheduling, & Control
3. Fundamentals of Managing Construction Projects

NOTE: Upon completion of Item 1 ACPM you will be eligible to enroll the "Certified Construction Manager" online/classroom training.

Bonus Courses:

  • How to Become a Competent Project Manager
  • HSE Management for Construction Professionals
  • Problem Solving Technique & Root Cause Analysis

+ Course Assessment

Get Six (6) Certificates of Completion.

40 - 65 CPD, Self Directed Learning. Check link for PRC CPD GUIDELINE

Php 14,950.0 @ discounted Limited Offer from Php 14,853.0 + 7,500.0 + 3,255.0 = [Php 25,608.0]
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How to Register

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Prices above are for Early Bird promotion only.

How to Register/Enroll:

Kindly please send us copy/photo of your Diploma or PRC ID for verification purposes of your eligibility only to [email protected] Then we will send the Payment Details.

Who can Enroll:

Any engineering graduate, architecture, related degree, any college graduate interested, construction professionals, and contractor.


Ready To Frame Certificate

What You'll Get

  • You will learn the project management skills based on international standards and best practice to get ahead in your field in engineering, construction, and project management.
  • your knowledge and skills in project management will be your professional advantage
  • leverage your short and long term professional goals
  • work with international company
  • gain professional development units(PDU),"Self Directed Learning" for PMP's, RMP's, etc.
  • easily transition to work abroad or anywhere in the GCC
  • your training certificate serves as evidence of formal training in project management.
  • the training certificate will facilitate to be shortlisted for an interview, and
  • with the training certificate will increase chances to get approve to join a project team...just to name a few.

Course Assessment. It will test your knowledge retention and gain confidence on the topics.  

A certificate of completion will be provided after the Online Training and send door to door, free of charge with the address you will provided us. Earn CPD through " Self Directed Learning: read the PRC CPD guidelines.

Check the Training Director Bio
How the Online Works:

Experience our top of the line Learning Management System (LMS) where video lectures are delivered like in a classroom at the comfort of your home, anywhere anytime at your convenience.

  • You will be given a log in details to our website in the member's area. Further instructions will be communicated for your guidance. Downloadable pdf worksheet, docs, lessons exercises, etc.; free membership to our Facebook closed group discussions; Mobile and desktop friendly       

Questions? Email to [email protected]


"As a young engineer, I'm overwhelmed on the new knowledge and skills I have learned; it helped me boost my self-confidence in project planning and quality of my project because of the methods, tools, and technique in construction projects. I encourage you to make a step forward in your career and make a change."

Fritz D. Natividad
Project Engineer(CE); Completed "Advanced Construction Project Management & Project Planning, Scheduling, & Control".

"I know I still have so much to learn; that's why when I took the Online training it boost my knowledge & skills that I'd never learned in my previous jobs and in school. Now I'm confident about the practical training and step by step procedure of project QA/QC management, like method statement, request for inspection, approval process and many more. It's really worth spending my money in this kind of learning."

Rodney Arope
Site Engineer( Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

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