Managing Project Teams

Managing Project Team

 Project managers, engineers, architects, and construction & engineering professionals need to understand project stages & team development, managing conflict that may arise normally in your project, and the role of project manager to lead a project to success. Enroll in the latest training:

 Managing Project Team
Enrollment: August 14 - 31, 2019.

Training starts: September 2, 2019.

Duration: 2-4 weeks + Course Assessment ( will depend on how fast you can schedule your course assessment)

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(1st batch training promotion Regular Price: Php 6,500.00).

Avail of early bird promo 7days before training(Php 4,950.0)

Course Outline:

Module 1. Project Team Stages & Development

You will learn the five(5) stages of team development specific to construction projects.

Module 2. Conflict Management for Project Managers

You will learn about managing conflicts for projects and the common responses to conflicts.

Module 3. The Project Manager as a Leader

You will learn what is leadership. The distinct leadership role of a project manager and the art of motivation.

Module 4. The Future Career of the Project Manager

You will learn the career stages of a project manager. Advancing Your Project Management Profession National or Abroad. Project Professional and Why your career matters.



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