Project Managers Course (U. $ 1, 495.00)

(Project Manager, Engineer, Architech, and construction professionals)

Do you want to become a competent project manager but you find it's hard to believe and difficult to achieve?

If you are an engineer, architect, any engineering graduate, and a construction professional, (whether a new graduate, both young and experienced alike), then let me help you achieve your dream career in project management with confidence, speed, precision, and the results you can surely become one.

A project management skills based on international standards and best practice.

With our easy to follow and a defined step of the training, leading to the most sought-after project management certificate program we have ever created, the:


 Be among the first to complete the,

"PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE(PMC)", training with one course at a time:

Course 1: Fundamentals of Managing Construction Projects

Course 2: Advanced Construction Project Management(International training only)

Course 3: Project Planning, Scheduling, & Control

Course 4: Managing Project Teams

Course 5: Project Estimating & Cost Management

Duration of PMC: 3-5 months + Course Assessment (Course 1,2,3,4,&5)



Available Options:

OPTION 1: Online training, Course 1-5


Who can ENROLL:

Any Engineering graduate, Archi, Construction, related degree, business owners & employees in contracting, design consultant, owner, facilities management, and engineering allied services.

 Please email us to receive the full training details, prices, and schedules if you haven't done so...

at [email protected]


Enrollment starts Oct 1, 2018.

Promotion ends October 31, 2018.

Training starts November 1, 2018.


Not only that...

Enroll before October 26, 2018, to avail of the early bird promotion 

Plus the bonus courses as follows:

Bonus 1. Construction Project Risk Management

Bonus 2. HSE Management for Construction Professionals

Bonus 3. Problem Solving Technique & Root Cause Analysis


 These bonus courses 1,2,& 3, were designed for PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE and will be released only during Course no. 5: Project Estimating & Cost Management.

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Our training courses are back up with an iron clad 30 days money back guarantee.

However, after 30 days you are not satisfied, send us an email and we will refund your money without any questions asked. ·

Just give us 5-7 days (15% transaction fees and processing fees shall be deducted). And still, we will remain friends. (But everything stays for your career getting the same results.)

However, after 30 days, it will be fair enough signifying your satisfaction and full payment of the course.

And we can tell you, this will be the beginning of a beneficial mutual relationship where 3Web Project can become instrumental to your career success in project management. 


Here's the training outline of Course 1:

Fundamentals of Managing Construction Projects 




Lesson 1- Managing Project Quality & Conformance

Lesson 2- Managing Project Stakeholders

Lesson 3- Managing Project Communication & Coordination

Lesson 4- Managing Project Scheduling & Control

Lesson 5- Managing Project Teams

Lesson 6- Managing Project Estimating & Cost Management

Lesson 7- Managing Project Health, Safety, and Environment



The Owners Role

Selection of the Design Professional

The Construction Contract






            Project Initiation

            Project Planning

            Project Execution

            Project Monitoring & Control

            Project Close Out



  1. Understanding the Project Management in the Construction Industry
  2. What is a Generic & Specific Project Management
  3. Training, Education, & Certification
  4. The Career Path of A Competent Project Manager


 Here are the benefits and what the PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE, training can do for you...

 If you're experience professional or a young project manager looking to add a strong credential to validate your experienced and capabilities then, now is the time to take action and be among the first to complete the "PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE".

So please don’t miss this rare promotion and the latest training.

I’m going to teach you the tools & technique in managing your current projects based on international standards and best practice, and for you to become competent in project management, consequently in your professional field and many more...

Here’s the sneak peek of the 👉 "PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE:

➡️ ➡️Course 1: Fundamentals of Managing Construction Projects ✔️
➡️Course 2: Advanced Construction Project Management (International training only)
➡️Course 3. Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control
➡️Course 4. Managing Project Teams

➡️Course 5. Project Estimating and Cost Management

Be the first to complete and receive the certificate:

PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE", when you complete Courses 1-5.

Avail of the following training path:

OPTION 1: Online training, Course 1-5

We believe the “Online training” will be more than sufficient for anyone to be competent as a project manager and to add to your credentials.

Who can ENROLL:

Any Engineering graduate, Archi, Construction, related degree, business owners & employees in contracting, design consultant, owner, facilities management, and engineering allied services.

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·         pdf worksheet, pdf docs, lessons exercises, etc.
Free membership to our Facebook closed group discussions plus
Course Assessment (Course 1,2,3,4,&5)

 When you enroll and will register in the Facebook closed group you will be a lifetime member in the long as 3Web Project will exist...and internet exist.
so you can join the discussion, or clarifications, questions,etc...even your 3-5 months training will be over.

The FB close group is very important and instrumental to your learning, we can't overemphasize that. 

·         mobile and desktop friendly
·         Certificate of Completion

After completion of the training, we will send you door to door, your ready to frame, beautiful "certificate of completion" to your exact address you will provide when you enroll, free of charge. 


Let our expert shorten your learning curve so you can focus on your career advancement and achievements.

We'll teach you the same strategies, the international standards, and best practice in project management and construction engineering being applied in projects today.

Email us at [email protected] for the Full training details.


The PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE, training is composed of 5 courses and to begin this training you must start with the 1st course,

Course 1: Fundamentals of Managing Construction Projects , and the,

Bonus Course:

How to Become A Competent Project Manager

 And then complete the PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE, one course at a time by completing Course 2-5 at your convenience within 3-5 months when you enroll before October 31, 2018.
>>" Imagine how it feels and the unlimited possibilities to have the knowledge, skills, competency, and the PROJECT MANAGERS COURSE training certificate to back you up in your professional endeavor".
>>Now, you can have these certificates to serve as evidence of your competency in project management to get ahead in your profession.
>>A definite career advantage that will keep you ahead to pursue your professional ambitions better and faster.  

Don’t miss this rare chance to become a competent project manager.


👉 To enroll:

 Email us your scan copy of your  ✔️Degree certificate at [email protected], then we will send you the PAYMENT details.

For full training details email us at [email protected]

Enrollment starts October 1 , 2018.

Promotion ends October 31, 2018.

Training starts November 1, 2018.

This promotion is on a first come per serve basis at a limited slot only. 

🚫 And we'll stop accepting intake when we reach our quota.

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