Project Planning, Schedule, & Control: DAY 1 of the Project Managers Course.

When ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION professionals think about project plan, schedule, and control of a construction project, one thing usually come into their mind-  the planning  scheduling software and the project schedule.

A big misconception by most engineers, architects, construction & engineering allied services professionals, and including seasoned project managers.

A training for Engineers, Architects, Project Managers, Engineering Graduates, and construction professionals.


DAY 1: Project Planning, Schedule, & Control

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[Note: You can avail of the Online format of this training]



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These project planning, scheduling, and control are the main responsibility of the PROJECT MANAGER and the PROJECT TEAM: the civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics engineers, and other engineers as a member of the project team.

Find out how we made use of an Example by an illustration of a:
Mix Use High Rise 45 Storey Building + 5 Basement.

Showing it step by step the following project deliverables such as:

  • Civil/Structural Works
  • Electrical Works

and how you can perform the same skills, tools & technique in planning and managing the work packages with any type of project.

Remember, the “Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control” does NOT begin with a project schedule

Many professionals in the engineering & construction project, however, begins by creating the project schedule. 

Based on empirical data, the number 1 reason for project delay and project failures is due to POOR PLANNING; consequently, the planning effort was carried on all the way in creating an inaccurate project schedule.

If you are working in the construction industry, your lack of skills in project management and best practice could be the only one stopping you in progressing to achieve a thriving career.

On the other hand, your ability to put into practice these project management's knowledge and skills can pave the way to achieve your dream job and become successful.

Finally, you will learn in this "stand-alone" training the significance of this project management effort:

"Project Planning, Scheduling, and Control".

The COURSE OVERVIEW will show you why:

Welcome & Introduction:

The welcome & introduction is a copy of the "Project Managers Course" and we found it helpful for you on how you can apply the same principles to make your training & learning effectively.

It will serve also as a preliminary knowledge and information about the whole training for project managers, engineers, architects, and construction professionals.

The proper training of the Project Planning, Scheduling, & Control module and lessons are the following:

Module 1- Understanding Your Project Requirements.

This is the most critical first step in creating the project schedule; left this step out then you will be introducing various parameters to cause a negative impact to your project such as risk, scope, schedule, quality, unmet expectations of key project stakeholders. Also in this module, you will learn the single root cause of project delays.

Module 2 – Managing the Scope of Work.

 A project manager, engineering, and construction practitioner life will be a lot easier when it can use project management skill to depict a project in a structured manner.

Lesson 1: Scope of Work Management Why Is It Important?

Lesson 2: Breakdown Your Project Into Manageable Component.

Lesson 3: Integrating the Work Breakdown Structure With The Project Schedule

Module 3 – Tools & Technique in Scheduling & Control.

Whether you are an engineer and architect as a member of the project team, or the PM, your ability to use multiple tools and techniques and when to use it is a mark of a competent project manager and a team member.

You will learn the tools & technique use in Scheduling & Control:

1.Critical path method (CPM)


2. Schedule compression techniques



3.Resource optimization techniques

4.Leads and Lags

5.Scheduling Tool

6. Schedule network analysis(Precedence Diagramming Technique) and more...

Module 4 – Creating the Project Schedule.

In this module, you will apply what you just learn in Planning, Scheduling & Control to any construction & engineering project when creating the Project Schedule with the following steps:

  • Define Activities
  • Sequence Activities
  • Estimate Activity Resources
  • Estimate Activity Durations
  • Develop Schedule
  • Control Schedule


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[Note: You can avail of the Online format of this training]


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Send us a photo/scan of your diploma or PRC ID then we will send the payment details.

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