Health, Safety, & Environment (HSE) Managers Course

HSE Managers Course (I&II)

Course Outline:


I.  Construction Safety & Management

Welcome & Introduction

Occupational Safety in Construction Project

HSE Management Elements

Internal Audit for Construction Project

Risk Management

Method Statement & Safety Procedures

Incident Investigation & Reporting

Who can Enroll: A graduate of any college degree, and engineering and construction professionals. 


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II. Advanced Occupational, Safety, Health in Construction Project

HSE Plan Development, Implementation, and Management

Advanced Internal Audit for Construction Project

Code of Practice in Construction Safety

Safety Engineering and Design  Procedures

Case Studies

Who can Enroll: Any college degree with at least 5 years experience in engineering and construction projects. Must complete item (I) and passed the "Course Assessment"


QA/QC Managers Course

Course outline coming up...


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